What is MNGA?

MNGA is the acronym for Make Nigeria Great Again.

What is idea behind MNGA?

We give our all for a greater Nigeria because of our unshakeable belief that every problem in this can be solved and conquered

How Does MNGA Work?

MNGA collates and provides ideas and solutions that touch/affect every level of Governance in Nigeria, from leadership, infrastructure, Institutions, Security etc. All geared towards raising and implementing viable ideas for a greater Country

How Do we know MNGA is genuine?

MNGA is entirely free of any Government support, strictly a Non-profit organisation associated with founders well-known as outstanding and prolific Nigerians, marching the cause to Make Nigeria Great Again.

When was MNGA launched?

The idea of MNGA began over (years) and the number of like-minded stakeholders have continued to increase daily, re-kindlying our assurance of a Greater Nigeria.

Why does MNGA do what it does?

An idea remains an idea until something is done about it, the desire of every Nigerian is the establishment of a Nigeria that inspires confidence in its leadership and institutions. We are a tool to making that desire a reality